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MrBitCor Selected by Cluster Incuba​

10 de marzo de 2023/

They’re not going to make you rich, nor will you learn something from it. Here’s what you can do instead. — If you’re intrigued about the instant riches of selling out a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens)…

PreSale Genesis Collection

27 de abril de 2022/

Presale Genesis Collection: The pre-sale will begin on March 22nd. You will get 50% off each NFT. Only 50 MrBitcor Genesis Collection will be released. When you generate the purchase of the token, you will have a bottle…

Are NFT wines a good investment?

27 de abril de 2022/

MrBitcor is a project different from other NFTs because in addition to the NFT digital art collection, it offers a physical bottle of wine that is included with the purchase of the NFT. This bottle represents an added…

Yes as we are using the ERC-721A.

Our contract will be optimized to enable a low gas fee experience as well as being audited by a third party to ensure security and safety. Having in mind our long-term vision with the project, we want to make sure our first launch is flawless.

Whitelist Open : January 22, 2023

Whitelist Mint: 1Q 2023

Each MrBitCor NFT acts as an “Claim Token”!

Owning a MrBitCor NFT gives you exclusive access to the greatest and exclusives wines and drinks collectibles.

Whitelist Mint: 1Q 2023

Public Mint: 1Q 2023

Whitelist Allowed mint: 10x Max.
Whitelist Mint Price: 125 MATIC

Public Allowed mint: 5x Max per Transaction
Public Mint Price: 300 MATIC

Get Ready For The Presale Collectibles And Assets

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