About MrBitcor NFT Wines & Collectibles.

MrBitcor is a revolutionary project that aims to take collecting to the next level using the power of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Founded by experts in the luxury beverage industry, MrBitcor works with top winemakers and brands to offer asset-backed NFTs that certify authenticity and provide access to exclusive experiences for collectors.

Our team, led by Yonathan Apfelmaum and Juan Sebastian Frontera featuring Ivan Assadourian, Ernesto Lascano, and Gabriel Cabeza has identified the problems faced by collectors of high-end wines, rum, whiskey, vodka, and sparkling beverages. Using our knowledge and partnering with tech company Bending Reality Media, we have created smart contracts and implemented features such as QR codes and NFC technology to track ownership and maintain the quality of the bottles.

MrBitcor’s unique approach combines the best in the worlds of NFT- and wine collecting, creating a powerful synergy that increases the value of both. With the added bonus of a high tech bottle, collectors can easily verify the location, temperature, authenticity and provenance of their bottles simply by using their smartphone. By joining the MrBitcor community, collectors also gain access to a host of digital and real-world experiences, such as winery tours, special events, and priority access to new collections.

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